Nurture your body mind and spirit

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Nurture your body mind and spirit

The word ‘ holistic ‘ comes from the Greek word ‘holos,’ (ὅλος) which means ‘all,’ ‘ whole,’ ‘absoluteness.’ When we talk about ‘holistic therapies,’ we refer to those alternative treatments, with which we try to stimulate the power of natural healing of the body. De holistic – naturopathic medicine consider every living being a unit, which integrates the body, mind, and spirit. This approach is intended to treat the patient, not the disease.

Its basic premise is that all human beings have an innate healing power. Once we recognize an imbalance, order physical, emotional, spiritual, social or environmental. We wake up a healing resource inherent that is in each of us. Focused on the larger power that we know: as love. Among the various diseases that can be heal, are several caused by emotional wounds: contractures and muscle problems, headaches (migraines), depression and anxiety, low mood States, which tend to manifest in the form of stress, sleep disturbances and feelings of anxiety or panic, as well as other physical and psychological ills.

In practical terms, alternative therapies can also mean from changes in lifestyle – diet, breathing techniques, and physical activity-. From my perspective, therapies are supports on our evolutionary path. I think we are on a journey of self-awareness, and relaxing and expand our attitude towards the force of life, draws us closer to greater understanding. Which leads us to meet with our most authentic being.

Holistic therapies do not reject the traditional medicine. They offer an alternative and complement it.

Healing emotions, heal the body!

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