“Only when we become aware of the observer, can we contemplate ourselves from the dynamics of the universe. Therein lays the wisdom, understanding, strength, and peace that human beings are looking for. It’s our connection with the universe that our subconscious integrates and leads us towards the experimentation of infinite consciousness”

My name is Cecilia Franco, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard this journey of self-knowledge and discovery. My innermost being has always been unconsciously drawn to the passion of spiritual discovery. So I decided to pitch my tent on this road to redemption permanently. During this process, it occurred to me that some rare qualities and abilities have always been with me.

Those are a divine inheritance of my ancestors, a part of my being, something deeply rooted inside of me, gracing me with the understanding that there are a series of mystic energy that links every human being together. Throughout life, I’ve always had an exploratory attitude and my travels help me gain a better understanding of the collective and individualistic characteristics of humans.

I was born in Ecuador and been privileged to live in several parts of the world, including Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Germany, and the Netherlands. What I have learned is that we should pay close attention to the virtues embedded in others’ hearts rather than focus on outward characteristics. This awakened me to a new world and changed the course of my life.

Before embarking on this trip, I spent an extensive time in the corporate world. I was able to see the world through the monochromatic lens of vanity against the kaleidoscopic experience brought about by self-discovery. We need courage to observe what happens within us. And from there, learn to contemplate our experiences with wisdom and especially, with love, and compassion towards ourselves.

Today I am a reliable and praised therapist who specializes in Holistic Therapies, including:

  • Biomagnetic Pair
  • Meridians of Chinese Medicine
  • Biomechanics of the spine and Nutrition
  • Mahajrya Therapist
  • Therapeutic Healing and Spiritual Counselor, where Duel NLP basis and focusing were part of this valuable formation.
  • Followed by additional intensive courses base on breathing techniques.

I keep following complementary training based on physical and energetic healing, to understand better the human body and it’s connection with the spirit and mind. I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you. So you can benefits by these ancient healing practices. Above all, from the deep respect and love, I feel for every human being.