Emotional integration is a therapeutic technique based on the knowledge of the Mahajrya Buddhist tradition. This technique will help you understand the origin of the physical pain. You will feel it from your peace and consciousness, accepting and forgiving. The therapy is intensive, so honesty and determination are required.

We are used to suppressing and resisting the changes that occur in our life. We will hide them and deny, without realizing that, one day, we will be confronted with all these emotions, with much more intensity than when they were generated. Then, it seems that we are not able to handle that situation anymore.

Through the identification of patterns and behaviours, we can dissolve the emotional binding that we face, being able to free us from them.

Using our ability to remain conscious, we can dive into a new perception of our reality, which will help us to transform it. We will be able to focus without damage, sensations that cause us difficulties: depressive States, conflict in our personal relationships, work or family levels.

My task will be to guide you towards the root, where that blockage or conflict is created. In this process, you can become aware of your emotions and release them. At the same time, learning to make self-healing, you’ll discover how to heal yourself and, with it, new potentials, which will lead you to the perception of a new life.

Through self-observation and contemplation, emotional integration can transform the difficulties you are going through. That is why, in the first place, your determination, emotional honesty in commitments with yourself is required.