Energy healing therapies are ancestral techniques, aiming to harmonize the field of subtle, electromagnetic energy, which all living beings have. I refer to the vital energy that flows through everything that lives.

These techniques are intended to integrate and balance the energetic field, also called ‘aura’ and integrating and harmonizing the seven chakras and the different subtle bodies, according to what each person needs. They also seek to unleash the energies trapped in our energy field; those who block our vital energy flow.

Healing is a complementary therapeutic, that helps maintain balance, restores the energy field, removing blockages and frictions. Consequently, it provides order and harmony to the emotional, mental and spiritual planes. And, often, also on the physical plane.

The imbalance is caused by stressful situations: exposure to physical or emotional – pain-, psychological trauma, duels, separations or unwanted changes in life. These circumstances may alter the correct harmony of our vital energy. Therefore, they may manifest as upset, in the physical, emotional or mental body.

The fact is, that all sorts of energy-dense or run aground can transform: can increase your vibration or set free. These changes allow us to heal many unwanted, physical and psychic symptoms.

In principle, energy healing therapies are suitable for all people. By transferring the universal energy, the self-healing energy is activated. Therefore, the effectiveness of the healing process is determined by the extent to which the receiver is enabled and allowed to receive the energy power.