Meridians are channels through which energy circulates through our bodies. These pathways are symmetrically distributed throughout the body, are connected to each of our organs.

All emotions are linked to the vital organs. And these in turn energy of the body, certain points, and channels through which flows the ‘chi’ or ‘qi.’ This vital energy, which everything that lives possesses; is responsible for uniting the physical body with the mind, emotions, and spirit, as well as the energy of other living beings.

When the organs do not receive enough energy through meridians – due to some blockage in the flow of the chi-, it is possible that our physical and emotional health is affected, to the point of making us lose the ability to feel and connect with others the environment and ourselves.

This lock may be due to different causes: dietary, emotional, traumatic, a harmful mental activity or environmental factors. Many times we carry the effects of experiences of the past, we project to the present. They can remain in the unconscious and without being noticed, affect organs and systems.

To release these disruptions, we stimulate specific acupuncture on the meridians, exerting pressure or vitalizing them, thus unlock the energy stuck, clogged, excessive or deficient bodies and its meridians, and thus help to encourage the good flow of chi or vital energy.

As well as we have a blood system, lymphatic system, and a nervous system, we also have an energy system. If we could see the meridians in their entirety, we would observe our body as a complex and extensive network: a space that is connected by a network of energy channels.